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NYKO Zoom Range Reduction Lens for XBOX 360 Kinect

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The Zoom lets players enjoy Microsoft Kinect games in 40% less space, and requires no additional power or batteries. Perfect for apartments, halls of residence and small living rooms, Zoom lets two people play Kinect in a space that would otherwise only accommodate one person and is compatible with any Kinect game. A breakout hit at E3 2011, the Zoom was nominated for Best Hardware in Show by IGN, GameSpot, Machinima and G4 X-Play.

Optical Lenses
Specially designed optical lenses allow you to play up to 40% closer than before

Easy Installation
The Zoom clips on atop the Kinect Sensor with no additional cables, power or installation required

Play comfortably with two people in a space that would previously only accommodate one

Fully Compatible
Works with all Kinect software

Play with 1 or 2 players in a smaller space
Play with 1 or 2 players in a smaller space.
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Zoom reduces the play range required to enjoy Kinect software by up to 40%

Decrease the space needed to play your favourite Kinect games with Nyko's Zoom for Kinect. The Zoom reduces the play range required to enjoy Kinect software by up to 40%, allowing you to play closer to your TV. Zoom's wide angle lens also enables two people to play in an area normally only suitable for a single player making it ideal for those in smaller apartments or dorm rooms. Specially designed optical lenses fit over the Kinect sensor and clip into place making set up a breeze with nothing to plug in. No additional software or calibration is required. The design of the Zoom blends seamlessly with the look and feel of the Kinect. The Zoom opens up a whole new world of Kinect play to those who previously lacked the space required to fully enjoy it.


Is the Zoom a Kinect replacement?
No. The Zoom is an attachment for the Kinect Sensor, you will still need the Kinect to use Kinect enabled software.

How much does the Zoom reduce the play space needed for Kinect Games?
The Zoom reduces the amount of space up to 40%

How much space is required to play Kinect games with the Zoom attached?
Each Kinect title tracks the body and movement differently, so the space needed will vary. Most games recommend a space between 6 – 10 feet, so with the Zoom’s 40% reduction you can normally get great results standing 3 to 6 feet away from the sensor.

How does the Zoom work?
The Zoom utilizes wide angle lenses that increase the field of the view of the Kinect.

Does the Zoom require any additional power or software to work with my Kinect?
No. The Zoom is a clip on device that requires no additional software, drivers or power to work.

What games are compatible with the Zoom?
The Zoom is compatible with all games that utilize the Kinect Sensor on Xbox 360.

Optimal performance sheet
Optimal performance sheet
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Does the Zoom make the Kinect more accurate or sensitive?
No. The Zoom only reduces the play space needed to play the Kinect, it will not affect the sensitivity or accuracy of the Kinect sensor.

Is there any added lag or delay in controls when using the Nyko Zoom?
No. The Nyko Zoom does not add any additional lag or delay to any Kinect games.

Does the Zoom distort the photos or video taken by the Kinect?
No. The images and video taken by the Kinect will not be distorted, stretched or compressed when using the Zoom. However, the image will be more zoomed out and in some cases the upper most parts of the corners of the image will be darkened.

Does the Zoom work with small children?
Yes. The Zoom works with small children.

Can you play multiplayer games with the Zoom?
Yes. The Zoom is compatible with both 1 and 2 player games.

Does the Zoom allow you to play with more than 2 people?
No. The Kinect at this time only supports 2 person play and the Zoom does not increase the amount of players the Kinect can support.

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